Meet “Karen Candles”

Karen smiling into the camera with assorted candles on a table


When I moved to the Glen of Imaal over 20 years it was to run the village shop and post office. I loved our move to the Glen of Imaal and the community we became a part of. Over the years the space has developed and is now a craft shop and candle making studio.   

We have created a very special space in Crafty Craic,  where we showcase original handmade local crafts and artwork.  Our view is of Lugnaquilla mountain, which inspires us on a daily basis and we could not ask for a better backdrop to the studio.

The shop has become a beacon for local handmade crafts and is ideal for gift shopping.  We also hold workshops and classes in candle making and other disciplines in the craft world.

This year we opened out learning space complete with its own little garden for relaxation.  In the studio the log burner is lit for comfort while engaging with the tutors at the many classes.

A large part of the candle making as evolved over the years to more teaching and hands on work.  I now spend a large part of my working life travelling to schools and hospitals, special care facilities and other places of learning to give classes in candle making.  




Candles, craic, food and art


Relax in scenic surroundings


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Tel: 087 275 0873 | @karenRyanAllis1